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    Important Announcement From Us Regarding COVID-19


    Here are ForgedFromFreedom.com our top priority is the safety of our employees, our family, and our customers. We are a small business that employs veterans and is always looking to give back to the community, in a safe and responsible manner.

    During the outbreak of COVID-19, we have ensured to take immediate steps to safeguard ourselves, our employees and our customers from any potential harm associated with ordering, production, and receiving items from our online store.

    Specifically, we have:

    1. Ensured all our staff are wearing protective clothing and FDA/CDC approved masks, and gloves during thier working day.

    2. Ensured all surfaces where packing and shipping is made, as a precaution, are disinfected every hour, on the hour. 

    3. Barred anyone but staff to enter the building. This temporary ban extends to USPS truck drivers. Instead, we are dropping off our shipments in designated drive-through areas, at a USPS business location. While this takes longer, it ensures no direct contact between us and third parties.

    Please Note: Your items are packed in a poly bag. While we make sure your item is clean and untouched, we cannot control who handles the outside of poly bag when it is received by USPS or other carriers. We strongly recommend you always wash your hands immediately after opening ANY mail you have received in the post.

    We are commited to the safety of everyone, until this issue passes, however we are also making sure our staff continue to have a paying job, as long as they are healthy and able to work.

    For this reason, I am also kindly asking you to support small businesses like ours, be it in your home-town, or on the internet. Small businesses are much more vulnerable to the economic volatility COVID-19 has caused. 

    I wish you all the best. Please stay safe. We will get through this, like we have gotten through many tough sitations.


    Yours Truly, 

    Sam Joseph

    Managing Owner






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