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    We'd be glad to help you design & print your perfect apparel!


    NO SET UP FEES: To keep your costs as low as possible – we waived the set up costs for your custom order. That’s right – NO SET UP COSTS!

    COST: The starting cost for your custom designed T-shirt is as LOW as $6.95 per t-shirt! (additional costs will vary based on: custom materials, additional artwork/ design, etc)

    NO MINIMUM ORDER: Great News – there isn’t one! Whether you need a one off – or 100,000 t-shirts – we have you covered. Once again – we pass along the savings by never charging you for setup costs – EVER! 

    If you are interested in us helping you design your perfect apparel - please fill out the form below. 

    DESIGN WORK: If you order 10 or more shirts from us – we will provide the first 30 minutes of design work absolutely FREE! Any orders less than 10 shirts, will be subject to a $15 dollar minimum charge (charged per every 15 minutes of design time).



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