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    Forged From Freedom — Art of Manliness

    The Importance of a Good Knife

    Emerson Commander For most of us, next to our chosen caliber and configuration of firearm(s), a pocket knife is almost a no brainer when it comes to our EDC (Every Day Carry) kit. There are a ton of reasons they are useful! From simple tasks such as opening boxes and prepping food - to defending ourselves as a last ditch effort. For those of you don't cary a knife as part of your EDC - shame on you! Stop what you're doing - and start doing your research on a good quality knife!

    Yes I said QUALITY people! Buy once, cry once. Nothing like a knife that won't/ doesn't hold its edge or a lock mechanism that fails when you are making that hard/ deep cut. My personal knife of choice - is an Emerson Commander - while it isn't the cheapest knife (they start at well over $200) I never have to worry about it breaking or losing it's edge. Now - do you need to spend hundreds of dollars on a knife for your EDC? Of course not - they are some great options for well under $100. Just make sure you do your homework and make sure your chosen knife is of good quality and can hold up to the tasks you need it for. 

    Check out Brett McKay of Art of Manliness - give a couple reasons why every manly man should carry a knife! 

    Agent M 


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