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    Forged From Freedom — backup pistol

    .25 ACP - The Most Useless Round Ever?

    The .25 ACP - is it the most useless round ever? 

    The .25 ACP was introduced by John Browning in 1905. Mr. Browning wanted to create a round to match the velocity of the .22 LR coming out of a 2" barrel and boom- the .25ACP was born.

    Now is it good to carry for your primary weapon? In my humble opinion - absolutely not. It is under powered, under sized, largely inaccurate - and is expensive to shoot/ practice with it. With that said - the old adage "

    A .25 ACP in hand is better than two .45’s back home" rings true every time. Now what about a back up weapon? While I think there are some way better options out there - if that's all you have - rock it. Remember the famous words of Jeff Cooper boys and girls "The first rule of a gun fight is to have a gun." So use what you have until you can upgrade when time and money allow it. 

    Like, love, or hate it - the small, under powered .25 ACP has helped secure it's place in history. It was used by some European resistance groups in WWII to ward off the Nazis. It was also favored by early James Bond chambered in his Beretta 418 before upgrading to his infamous Walther PPK. So it has to be kind of cool. Right? 

    At the range - these guns can be a blast to shoot. While ammo is a bit harder to find and much more expensive to shoot than .22LR - it is great to change it up a bit from time to time. (If you ever get the chance to get your hands on a .25 ACP - I highly recommend you launch some rounds down range. If for no other reason - than to appreciate your normal every day carry pistol caliber.) 

    - Agent M


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