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    Forged From Freedom — Reid Henrichs

    Irons or Red Dot Sights for Rifle?

    Red dot sights are more available than ever. Ranging for the simplest/ cheapest to more complex / much more expensive models and options for dozens and dozens of manufactures. For the most part - red dot sights are easier to use. Once dialed in you pop the red (or green) dot on your target - and you are good to go. Easy as that. So does the ease of new technology rule over the often thought antiquated iron sights?

    In my humble opinion (and I think I speak for everybody here at Forged From Freedom) - absolutely not! Don't get me wrong, red dot sights are great! I've owned several and shoot with one now - but I always have a pair of iron sights/ flip up sights on my rifles. If my red dot breaks, battery dies, smashes against an enemy's head - I'll need a backup and I'll need to know how to use it. Traditional sights - teach us great fundamentals that can be used and improved upon over and over. So which one should you use? Why not both?

    Check out Reid Hendrichs of Valor Ridge discussion on which one is best and why. 

    - Agent M 

    Back Up Guns (B.U.G.)

    Backup Guns. Some people won't leave their house without one - while other's think it's a waste of time. Here at Forged From Freedom - we feel that they are a great and necessary resource to your Everyday Carry. But it's more weight, more bulk, etc... Sure - it's not going to be as comfortable sometimes - but with the right belt and the right clothing options - it won't be that much out of your comfort zone. So what kind of pistol and where should you carry it? That's totally up to you. Here are a couple things to keep in mind: 

    Ankle Holsters and Shoulder Holsters: Great for  truck drivers or people that are in vehicles a large part of the day. For those rest of us - they are slightly harder to use in an action setting. 

    Appendix carry: My preferred choice. I like to carry my backup weapon in strong side appendix carry - but I am to unholster it with my non-dominate hand. I often drill drawing both of my pistols with my non-dominate hand. You never know if your dominate hand will be injured - or if you will be in a position where you can't use your dominate hand. 

    So what type of weapon? That's up to you. A gun in the hand in better than 2 in the safe. While there are many choices of caliber - action (semi/ revolver) The choice is up to you. What are you most comfortable with? Personally I have always carried a sub-compact Glock that I can interchange mags with my main side arm. But after watching Reid Henrich's of Valor Ridge - I'm starting to rethink my strategy. Check it out! 

    - Agent M


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