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    Forged From Freedom — Revolvers

    Wheel Guns - Who Needs Them?

    I have a confession to make - I am a semi-automatic snob. Always have been, and probably always will be. I have a working knowledge of revolvers and could use one to defend myself or others - if push came to shove. But with that said, I've never been a big fan of them. The limited ammo capacity has always been a put off - and like most younger guys - I've had most of my shooting experiences with polymer framed - striker fired pistols. Hell, I've carried one every single day for the last decade. Hey - plastic fantastic right?!! 

    But after a colleague here at Forged From Freedom, who happens to be a wheel gun guy, told me I wasn't getting the full shooting experience by avoiding revolvers- I had to seriously consider his words. Was I truly missing out? Do I need seriously need to take a harder look at something so steeped in antiquity? Well - truthfully - yes. As much as it pains me to admit - as a true believer in the second amendment - and a self pro-claimed "good guy" I feel it is my duty to be able to defend myself and those around me with WHATEVER firearm I can get my hands on - and do so as proficiently and efficiently as possible. 

    So - I'm fixin' to purchase a revolver and share my experiences with all of you. (Just don't tell my wife I'm buying a new gun.) Now after shooting and carrying it - will I change my mind and carry a revolver as my new EDC weapon? Probably not. But never one to shy away from a challenge - we will go down that rabbit hole together. I better start studying up. 

    - Agent M

    BREAKING: Glock RVL38 Revolver Details Leaked Ahead of NRA Meeting **UPDATE**

    Glock Revolver? Is the world ready for it?

    Owing to a clerical error (?) – Glock accidentally, and temporarily leaked their own press release that was originally scheduled for select media members on Monday - April 4th, 2016. While the accidental leak lasted only a few minutes, one of our fans, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, was able to grab a copy of their ad and send it to us. After contacting Glock’s HR department to confirm the release of their first revolver – we are yet to get official confirmation at this time and have not received an official response yet.

    A trusted, and confidential source inside Glock’s R&R department told us the Glock RVL38 is “Very real and is slated to be released at this years – 2016 – NRA convention in Louisville, KY.” According to our source “The Glock RVL38 Revolver has been developed and field tested/ used as a backup weapon in select LEO settings over the last 18 months.”

    Upon further investigation, it would appear that this is most likely a special release to celebrate their 30th Anniversary in the U.S. market. Their Facebook page seems to point to also be in preparation for these upcoming announcements (see screen-shot below).



    While the 5-shot .38 caliber pistol is small – we at Forged From Freedom – are super excited about this news, and are hoping for larger frames and larger calibers in the future. 

    Stay tuned for more updates throughout the day.

    What are your thoughts on the new Glock Revolver? Let us know in the comments below.

    - M 

    See below for important update.



























    - M


    About Special Agent 'M'

    Agent 'M' is a shadowy figure in the Gun industry. He is a highly trained armorer with experience in all things that shoot shit. In his spare time he acts as an under-cover commentator, blogger, and all round ass.

    Some say that he is not even human. Some say that he literally cooks up omelettes made up of eggs, 9mm projectiles, mushrooms, and Glock parts, for breakfast.

    We'll leave the final opinions to you.



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